Microbiological controls, and ensuring the microbial integrity of products


State-of-the-art technology to develop innovative medicines and treatment options


Analysis of the quality and safety standards of drugs in the production process




Turgut Pharmaceuticals laboratories, which have been established at high standards are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are managed by expert teams. These laboratories play an important role in critical stages such as drug formulations, novel product development, quality control and efficacy testing. Turgut Pharmaceuticals laboratories contribute to the development of safe, effective and high quality products with innovative approaches and meticulous work. At the same time, it strives to follow the latest scientific developments in the pharmaceutical industry with its continuous research and development activities and to ensure the continuous improvement of our medicines.


It is a leading center where microbiological analyses and tests are carried out.

Some of the microbiological tests performed in Turgut Gebze Biopharmaceutical Production Facility in accordance with all relevant regulations in order to ensure the safety of products and areas and their compliance with the legislation, are bioburden test, biosafety test, media fill, mycoplasma detection, pathogen and deterioration test, pyrogen test, sterility test, air monitoring and surface tests.


It is a center where innovative and pioneering studies in the pharmaceutical industry are carried out. These laboratories are supported by advanced technology equipment and expert teams at key stages such as drug discovery, formulation studies, efficacy testing, and product development.

Turgut Pharmaceuticals R&D laboratories follow the latest scientific developments in the sector with their continuous research and development activities. These laboratories, where creative ideas are tested and patented, aim to contribute to human health by accelerating innovations and discoveries in the pharmaceutical industry. Turgut Pharmaceuticals R&D laboratories are constantly working to increase the quality and effectiveness of drugs and are in a leading position in the sector.


It is an important center that works meticulously to ensure that products comply with high-quality standards. These laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and test methods. Quality control specialists perform extensive testing to evaluate the ingredients, purity, stability, and reliability of products.

Turgut Pharmaceuticals Quality Control Laboratories check the accuracy of the label declarations of the drugs, ensure their compliance with the standards and perform strict controls for quality assurance at every stage. These laboratories operate with a commitment to providing customers with safe and effective products and aim to raise quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry.